Chisinau Arena, Aqua Center & Tennis Club is a complex occupying 10-hectare land area in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova and shall be the main sport and entertainment facility in the city. The project consists of a basketball Arena, an aqua center and a tennis club. These three functions are connected each other with a plaza in the middle.

The complex is organized in such a way that an urban plaza is created at the center. There are a café-restaurant area and an open public pool in the plaza. There will be an ice-skating rink and leisure areas in the Plaza.


Chisinau Arena

Having 19.109,5 sqm. construction area, Chisinau Arena is consisting of 2 halls: The main-game hall and the training hall. The main-game hall can accommodate different quantities of people depending on the configuration of the event. The building is designed mainly for sports activities, such as basketball, volleyball, handball, mini football, boxing, etc. On the other hand, it can also host cultural activities such as concerts, congresses and exhibitions. The space and the infrastructure is organized in a flexible manner to allow for many different types of events and performances to take place. The standing area and the tribunes have a capacity of maximum 4877 spectators in a concert activity, 4000 spectators in a basketball event and capacity of maximum 4751 spectators in a conference event. In the venue, there are 178 skybox seats, 317 business seats, 1810 fixed tribune seats, 54 fixed press tribune seats, 1428 telescopic tribune seats, 20 disabled tribune seats with 20 companion seats. Chisinau Arena provides their spectators with privileged services through their Skybox memberships and private entrances.


Chisinau Arena

Having 13.603 sqm. construction area, Aqua Center consists of Olympic Swimming pool, aqua park, fitness and SPA. The Olympic swimming pool and the aqua park complemented by services areas, changing rooms and a café. Aquapark area is consisting of a bar and a kitchen serving the soft seating areas around the pool. The sliding glass façade can be opened in warm days combining the aqua park with the outdoor pool. The roof of the outdoor pool is open to air provides a sunbathing area. The Olympic swimming pool can accommodate 522 spectators in a seated setting. The aqua park consist a multilane water slide, a children's pool and a relaxing pool. The spa and the fitness is located on the upper level of the structure which gives a panoramic view to the swimming pool. This area consists of fitness area, changing rooms and a vitamin bar.


Chisinau Arena

Having 834,5 sqm. construction area, Tennis Club complex includes 7 training courts, a tennis club building and a main tennis court. The main tennis court has 2 turbines with a total of 732 spectators capacity. The area underneath one of the tribunes’ serves as a children's playground. The other one contains a café giving to the plaza and the ice rink area. The 7 training tennis fields are equipped with inflatable tennis court cover for winter season usage. The tennis club include rest areas, changing rooms and a restaurant. The restaurant's terrace gives views to the visitors to watch the games in the training fields.


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